Club Constitution

The club constitution is also available in Adobe PDF format.

William & Mary Anime Society Constitution

Article I: Organization Name

This organization is known as the William & Mary Anime Society, or WMAS.

Article II: Purpose of Organization

The purpose of WMAS is to serve as a social group for those interested in Japanese animation at the College of William & Mary by showing anime and organizing and attending anime-related events.

Article III: Membership

Meetings of WMAS are open to the campus, but only students of William & Mary may become members. A student is considered a member when on the listserv and in regular attendance at meetings. Paid membership is obtained by by signing up with and paying dues ($7 per semester, or $10 for a whole year) to the Vice President of the Treasury. Paid membership allows access to the club library and also grants the ability to participate in certain special sessions of the officers’ meeting, when constitutional amendments and officer or member removals may be discussed. The officers of WMAS have the right to recommend the revocation of a student’s membership on the basis of misconduct during meetings or at WMAS-sponsored events. The procedure for membership revocation follows the procedure for officer removal outlined in Article V. Hopefully it will never be used.

Article IV: Officership

There are five officer positions in WMAS: President, Vice President of Conventions, Vice President of the Treasury, Librarian/Webmaster, and That Guy. Their duties are outlined below.

  • President: The president is in charge of running both general and officers’ meetings, though at his/her discretion That Guy may be given charge of the general meeting, minus the announcements/business section. It is the president’s job to secure series to be watched each semester and to act as the campus representative when dealing with Student Activities and other clubs/organizations. The president is given executive authority and is in charge of “going there”. Also, at the president’s discretion, he/she may keep the club trophy collection in his/her campus residence for the duration of his/her presidency.
  • Vice-President of Conventions: When the club decides to attend a convention, the VP of Cons is in charge of organizing registration for all members as well as hotel registration and cosplay organization. To this end, the VP of Cons is the keeper of any and all cosplay materials, including costumes, owned by WMAS. The VP of Cons is in charge of “herding kittens” when a group cosplay is arranged. When a convention is not imminent, the VP of Cons is to act as a normal VP and assist the president whenever possible.
  • Vice-President of the Treasury: This officer is in charge of filling out official paperwork for club organization and activities on campus, collecting dues, producing a list of members, and maintaining the club bank account. With the approval of the president, the VP of Treas may buy items for meetings or events and may reimburse those who have purchased items for the club. When possible, the VP of Treas is encouraged to apply for money from the College to further the club’s activities. This officer is also the club liaison with anime production and distribution companies and is advised to set up and maintain contacts with them for resources. When possible, the VP of Treas is encouraged to “take minutes” on funny quotes/links from members for use in the newsletter. This office is normally not as strenuous as it seems, so the VP of Treas is also to act as a normal VP and assist the president whenever possible.
  • Librarian/Webmaster: WMAS possesses a small but growing library of manga, magazines, VHSes, DVDs, and soundtracks, as well as a computer (known as TOAD, The Online Anime Database) serving as a database for club members. The Librarian is in charge of all this physical media – managing and keeping track of loans to members, keeping the media itself organized, and maintaining TOAD. It is also the duty of this officer to keep the website accessible and up-to-date, displaying the most recent creative works of the club (including but not limited to newsletters and cosplay scripts/pictures/footage).
  • That Guy: As the emcee of the club, That Guy is officially charged with running all voting sessions at the weekly meeting and keeping those in attendance amused during any downtime. That Guy is responsible for ensuring that the series to be watched at a meeting, whether they are in the club’s possession or on loan from a member, are present at said meeting. When a group of people unfamiliar with the series being watched are present for a voting session, That Guy is charged with giving BRIEF, UNBIASED explanations of the general theme of each series. Upon request of the president, That Guy may also be placed in charge of running the entire general meeting after announcements/business.

General officer duties include attending weekly officer meetings and participating in twothirds of all club events, excluding conventions. (An officer is granted an excused absence from any club activities when representing the club at a convention.) Officers may be absent unannounced from no more than three officer meetings per year. The president is given executive decision as to when an officer may be excused from a meeting.

Unofficially, a liaison with the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Club (“Skiffy”) is often appointed. This may be an officer, a WMAS member, or a Skiffy member who agrees to regularly attend WMAS meetings. This is to foster goodwill between two organizations of heavily overlapping membership as well as to facilitate organization of events such as the semiannual dance.

Article V: Appointment and Removal of Officers

Officers are elected during a general meeting toward the end of spring semester by a simple majority vote of all attendees. Candidates will nominate themselves, may be asked for a brief campaign statement, and will be chosen by a show of hands. Officers must be undergraduate students and may run for reelection each year of their undergraduate term. If an officer wishes to resign, he/she must deliver notice at the weekly officers’ meeting, and his/her resignation will be announced in the newsletter and at the weekly meeting, where a new officer will be elected.

Should an officer fail to meet the attendance requirements or fulfill the duties of his/her office, another officer must deliver a warning in person (or by email if necessary). If the officer’s response to this warning does not show adequate performance improvement, he/she will be discussed at the weekly officers’ meeting. Upon the agreement of the other officers, a removal vote will be announced through the newsletter and at the weekly meeting. All dues-paying members will be able to attend the next week’s officers’ meeting, at which the officer in question will be given the chance to defend him/herself. (In the event that the officer in question cannot attend this meeting, a defense may be emailed to the club address to be read aloud at the meeting.) After this, a vote of three-fifths of all in attendance will remove the officer from their position. At the general meeting that week, a regular election-style vote will be held to instate a new officer. The removed person may run for reelection; however, if one person is ever removed from office twice, he/she may never run for any club office again.

In the event that an officer resigns/is removed and a club election fails to fill the position, the president and/or officers may tap someone to serve in this office for the remainder of the year.

Article VI: Operation of Regular Meetings

Meetings are held once a week, excluding holidays, exam weeks, and days which conflict with official club trips to conventions. Meetings open with announcements and club business, followed by voting on the first series to be watched. Two episodes of a series are watched at a time. Poll responses are read after the first series; then two more rounds of voting and viewing are conducted. Business such as elections, t-shirt design voting, etc. may be conducted at the beginning of a meeting or during one of the two breaks at the discretion of the officers. Other activities may also be conducted during meetings (such as crafts or signup for conventions). Movies may also shown with the approval of the officers and with a simple majority vote from those present at the meeting.

WMAS votes on series available on DVD, VHS, or in digital format. Any series licensed for commercial distribution in the United States must be shown on its commercially-available format. In general, it is suggested that about 5 series be up for regular viewing, and that officers remove unwatched series after 3-4 weeks. Series are not to be rewatched until three years after the original semester in which they were shown.

Article VII: Special Events

WMAS regularly attends anime conventions in the state of Virginia. It is the duty of the VP of Cons to gauge club interest in a particular convention and organize registration and, if possible, costume production and skit development for participation in masquerade. Group registration should at least be organized for Nekocon and Katsucon, as these are both held during the school year within a few hours’ driving distance and are well attended by WMAS members.

WMAS traditionally holds a semiannual dance with Skiffy. All officers are to contribute to the planning and organization of this event.

When possible, a yard sale is held in the spring to clear out and refresh the club library. Members are encouraged to bring their own collections of anime-related materials to trade or sell.

Club T-shirts are usually printed in the spring. Members are encouraged to submit designs, and the club votes on their favorite at a general meeting. When possible, the club should budget for a few extras to be printed, just in case.

Toward the end of the spring semester (usually during the last week of classes or first week of exams) a cookout for WMAS members is held, usually in the Randolph barbecue pit. The club provides essentials such as burgers and hot dogs, and members sign up to bring snacks, drinks, desserts.

Officers are encouraged to explore hosting/attending other events. Public movie showings are impossible without licensing rights, so the VP of Treas should contact American licensing companies about desired titles as early as possible to facilitate hosting these events in future.

Article VIII: Club Library

WMAS maintains a club library that includes VHSs, DVDs, manga (both English- and Japanese-language), audio CDs, and magazines. This collection is under the care of the Librarian/Webmaster, who should keep it organized and have a current list of its contents available online at all times. The computer known as TOAD is also considered part of the library.

In order to rent from the library, members must have paid dues for that semester and must sign a rental agreement confirming that they understand and agree to the club rental policy. Members may rent three items (only one of which may be a DVD) at a time for up to two weeks. After two weeks have passed, members with extant rented items are given a 24-hour grace period and then charged 5 cents per day as a late fee. They will not be allowed to rent new materials until the old ones have been returned or replaced and the fees have been settled. At the end of the school year, the Librarian/Webmaster may choose to hold a Fee-Free Day to encourage members to return late materials that may have large fees on them. This rental policy is new as of fall 2007 and may be altered as future officers see fit. Attached as an addendum to this document is a copy of the rental agreement drawn up in concurrence with this policy. When possible, the Librarian/Webmaster should keep an online calendar of rented materials and their due dates.

The WMAS library is mostly composed of donated materials from members and friends of the club. When possible, club funds should also be set aside toward purchasing new materials for the library. The yearly yard sale should be used to clear out unused materials for profit toward new acquisitions or in trade for members’ materials.

Article IX: Amendments

Officers are to be flexible in the implementation of this constitution and adapt to the needs of the current club body. Should this document become outdated, or should the club see fit to change any major policies, the officers may discuss constitutional changes at an officers’ meeting open to dues-paying members. They may then call a Constitutional Congress, to be held at the convenience of the members and not restricted to only those who have paid dues. The officers should outline the proposed changes and lead members in discussion, then take a vote and allow the majority of those assembled to confirm or reject each desired change. At the end of the meeting, another majority vote should confirm all the decisions made at the meeting. The actual revised constitution should be drawn up by the President outside of club and brought before members for a third confirmation before submission to the office of Student Activities. Officers are encouraged to reread the current constitution every few years to ensure that it accurately reflects the activities and operations of the club.

Article X: Current Constitution

This constitution is a revision of the original constitution written by the first president of WMAS on Wednesday, October 9th, 1996. These revisions were suggested, revised, and confirmed by a unanimous vote of officers and members at the Constitutional Congress held on Friday, April 4th, 2008. This document was drawn up by the 2007-2008 president of WMAS and will go into effect at the beginning of the Fall 2008 semester.

Addendum I: Suggested Rental Agreement

By signing this, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agreed to the following policy:

As a member of the William & Mary Anime Society, having paid my dues for the (circle one) SEMESTER / YEAR and signed this document, I will be entitled to rent from the club library for this period of time. I will be allowed to rent a maximum of three (3) items, including no more than one (1) DVD. I may rent these items for a maximum of two (2) weeks, at which point I will return them to the club library. Should I fail to return my rentals, I agree to pay a fine of $0.05 per item per day late, with the understanding that I will not be allowed to rent again until a) said fine has been paid and b) I have returned the late items. Should I lose my rentals, I agree to buy a brand new copy for the library in the most current format. (i.e. Lost VHSes will be replaced with DVDs.) I understand that, for my benefit, WMAS will provide me with an online list of all library contents and their locations, as well as a calendar of currently rented items and their due dates. Additionally, WMAS will email me the day my rental is due, to assist me in returning all of my materials on time.

Name: _______________________________________________


Preferred Email Address for Due Date Reminders: ________________________________________

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