About WMAS

About the Club

Club Location:

We meet weekly on Fridays in Blair Hall room 205 at 7pm while classes are in session.

Directions from Off-Campus:

  • Take exit 238 off I-64
  • Go off the ramp towards Williamsburg (if you run in to Camp Perry, you went the wrong way)
  • Go right at the first street after the light. There should be signs proclaiming that the College of William and Mary is this way
  • Go straight until you cross the railroad tracks
  • At the light immediately after the tracks, take a right
  • Go two lights down, to Armistead Street, take a left
  • Go straight until you hit Richmond Road, take a right
  • At the next light take a left into Stadium Drive (which you’ll quickly notice is not a drive at all, but a parking lot)
  • Wend your way down to the end of the parking lot. Past the stop sign, at the brick patio, the road takes a left. Follow it.
  • Blair Hall is the first building on the right. In the evening you can park in the small parking lot across the street from it

Total travel time from the interstate: about 5 minutes

If you’re confused, you can use the Map of William and Mary once you get closer to the school. (Blair Hall is building number 50)


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